If you need a merchant account, at the end of the day you need a bank willing to support the risk associated with your business type.

TPDPay has relationships with a number of banks that have a risk tolerance for your type of business model.

What’s  needed ?

Application Page – generally 2-3 pages of corporate, business owner, tax ID, banking information, including the signatures of owners/officers


 Signed Legal Page – generally the contract and personal guarantee


 Voided Check, Bank Letter – checks need to have either legal or dba name printed on them. Bank letter will suffice if it is on letter head and includes Account and Routing numbers.


 Driver License, State ID or Passport of the person signing the document/s.


 Marketing Material / Proof of Existence


 3 months of Processing Statements (if they are currently processing)


 Mail Order / Telephone Order (Mo/To) – Internet Addendum (if Mo/To, Electronic Invoicing, or E-Commerce Account)


Internet Requirement Checklist (if E-Commerce Account) – which payment gateway do you use, what call centers, etc…


 Financials (if applicable) – preferably two years, third party audits