Remotely Created Checks (RCC)

Remotely Created Checks, if properly managed, are capable of filling the void left by the loss of ACH applicability. Clear rates are similar to ACH and can even improve historical recovery experience. Utilization of our full suite of solutions will improve on historical recovery, enhancing financial performance.

ePayment Solutions

Customers are moving away from paper statements and payments and moving toward electronic payments.
We offer several electronic payment solutions and will cater specific to your business needs — whether a fitness club or a utility company. Electronic payment solutions lower bank fees while improving your cash flow and peace of mind.

Recovery Solutions

When it comes to recovering money, years of experience means recovering the maximum dollars for your business. Clients enjoy saving money on bank bounce fees and improved cash flow.  Solutions are compliant in all 50 states and can be customized to meet your specific business needs.  Recovery Solutions include:

Electronic Recovery
Traditional Recovery
Partner Recovery
Debt Recovery
Consolidated Returns
Legal Recovery